Ministry of Defence

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HandyMench installed Pedestal floating flooring for a 650 square-meter building. The floating access floor was installed 60cm above the concrete slab in order to allow for cables and machinery to be placed under the flooring.

United States Air Force

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HandyMench installed the H.V.A.C. system for the Joint Operations Center in Israel.  We installed 3 VRV systems with a combined 16 air handlers, 3 outside fresh air systems, and a package rooftop unit including all the ductwork. Additionally, we install a smoke exhaust system throughout the building. 

Israel Defense Forces

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HandyMench installed a 780 square meter roof system. The roofing system consisted of spray foam insulation, betkal, a double layer bitumen mat system, and a concrete protective pad on the roof.

Israeli Air force

HandyMench installed 1000 meters of Main electric cabling 185*5 on Hatzor air force base connecting an electrical substation to one of the buildings. We supplied both the cable and the workforce. Using top-of-the-line tuggers we completed the job in two days.