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Underfloor Heating

Reliable Home Heating System Installed Under The Floor.

Enjoy the comfort of a warm floor in your bathrooms and your living spaces. From homes to warehouses, the nVent RAYCHEM electric floor heating system keeps you warm and provides energy-efficient comfort. Optimized for every building or house, with wifi-enabled thermostats and a warranty of up to 20 years.

nVent RAYCHEM underfloor heating system brings luxurious comfort to homeowners and hotel guests alike through the warmth of heated floors. Our underfloor heating products are designed to deliver equally distributed heat for all types of floor coverings. Our thermostats provide control options that enable you to manage your heating in the most energy-efficient way; by reducing both the economic and environmental impact of your heating system.

Other electrical underfloor heating facts:
  • Electric underfloor heating is installed below the floor surface, so the room warms up quickly and efficiently.
  • Thanks to even heat distribution, the thermostat can be set 2 degrees lower than usual without sacrificing comfort.
  • While the heat from conventional heating systems like radiators or air conditioners result in large temperature fluctuations (18-65 °C) in the room, heat from a floor heating system provides lower temperature fluctuations (20-25 °C) and it evenly distributes heat where it is needed, meaning your home will always feel warm and welcoming.

Electric Underfloor Heating vs Water Heated Underfloor Heating

  • Electrical heating systems don’t use any water, so you never have to worry about leaks. 
  • Every room is its own unit, so you can choose which rooms to heat and when to heat them. Additionally in the event that one room is malfunctioning your whole system doesn’t go down the way it would with a water system.   
  • With electrical underfloor heating, there are virtually no repairs. Water systems are reliant on an expensive outdoor heat pump unit with many delicate components that are expensive to repair.
  • Installation of an electric system is cheaper than installing a water system and involves fewer components.

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Handbook for Comfortable Warm Floors

This handbook shows how to choose the right underfloor heating system, gives you information about the installation and many smart tips.

Projects Completed

30 Apartments in Meveseret

HandyMench successfully completed the installation of underfloor heating systems for 30 units in the boutique luxury project by Sarfati Shimon LTD in Mevaseret Tziyon.

Luxury Home in Efrat

HandyMench successfully completed the installation of 220 meters of underfloor heating for a family in Efrat.

Renovation Ashkelon

HandyMench successfully completed the installation of 120 meters of underfloor heating on a renovation project in Ashkelon.