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Our rates for handyman services are highly competitive and are based on the kind of repair and maintenance jobs you need. We understand that customers need to compare options before final selection, so therefore we provide free, no-obligation quotes. Not only does this save a lot of time and hassle for us, it helps you choose the best service.
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Please email at with your project details.provide as many details as possible and attach photos for an accurate estimate.
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What goes into an estimate?

Usually, the rates for our services, such a replacing a light fitting or installing a ceiling fan, are fixed. Whereas for bigger projects such as building a wall, or replacing a door frame, or where the work cannot be accurately described over the phone like moving and reassembling a closet varies, depending upon time and the number of workers needed. We also give the customer a choice to either bring your own materials or let us bring the materials for you. Our customers only need to make a list of all things they want to get done, and we ensure that we place the best technician with the necessary skills and expertise to handle the task.

To maintain transparency at Handymench, we keep a clear account of the following elements that comprise the cost for our services:
Labor cost: Labor cost: Since we only hire fully trained and skilled people to do the job, this is the main cost component in our business.
Material cost: We are deeply committed to using the best quality materials for any project we take up. 
Cleanup costs: Since customer satisfaction and excellent customer service is our main priority, we include a full clean up as a direct job cost. Dump fees are also included in this category if any.
There are other factors which add to the price of an estimates such as tools & equipment costs, trucks & automobile costs, other office equipment and supplies costs. However, we ensure to make our quotes and estimates competitive as per the market rates with an assurance of quality services.