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Showerhead and Hose Replacemnet

Replacing a showerhead & hose is something that one has to do once in a while. The HandyMench can professionally install, repair or replace your showerhead and hose – at short notice and in full accordance with your needs.

When Is It Time to Replace Your Showerhead & Hose?
Replacing your showerhead, in due course, is important for health reasons. There are a number of telltale signs that its time: reduced water pressure, constant dripping, leaks from the hose, sediment growth, and, of course, black mold: when you see those tiny black dots forming on the showerhead – that’s your red flag.

Why Choose The HandyMench?
When you contact the team at The HandyMench, you know you’ll be getting:
● A Full Guarantee on all our services
● Friendly, professional, bi-lingual (English & Hebrew) team
● Flexible schedule
● No “surprise” extra costs
● No pushing to buy products you don’t need
● Should issues continue to occur with the repair, our staff will return to correct them at no charge
● We only use high-quality products & materials
Tip: Determining the showerhead & hose replacement ideal for you depends on a number of factors, including the attributes of the shower, how far you faucet is from your shower head holder, amount of water per minute, and your existing fixtures. Don’t hesitate to ask our experts what’s the right choice for you.

Always at Your Service
Showerhead & Hose Replacement is just one service out of our comprehensive lineup of handyman, plumbing and electrical services. From fixture installation to cabinet repairs, Shabbat clock installation and much more, we’ll install it, fix it or replace it.
If you think it’s time for a showerhead & hose replacement – don’t delay – contact us!

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